Getting started with 4 latest trends of video-based learning to unleash the power of eLearning

There was the time when learning via videos cannot even predictable, but as eLearning has evolved there was a sudden shift from traditional methods to the digital environment making L&D processes more realistic, convenient, and digestible.

The power of eLearning has kicked all traditional varieties of learning and training by offering learners long-term assets with short duration learning modules which are shorter, crispier, interesting, eye-catchy, attentive, and also provides full fledge learning easily and quickly without any distractions.

In this article, I figured the latest trends of video-based learning that will increase learner engagement, improve learning and development process, and reinforce business performance. Before moving further, let’s have a look at what actually video-based learning is?

What is video-based Learning?

Incredible, effectual, persuasive, crispier, and engaging format of eLearning that address diversified needs of kinesthetic learner’s and also grab learner’s attention till the successful completion of course.

Last few years, video-based learning is nice-to-have, but with a gradual increase in learning efficiencies and learner’s on-demand service, it is now must-to-have. This way video-based learning has become efficient and needed trend to streamline learning platform smoothly.

The benefits of video-based learning are uncountable, in simpler terms, an image can hold a thousand words whereas video can hold million, billion, or more that delivers learning effectively to reach peak performance.

Therefore, video-based learning is no more optional because it offers:

  • Shorter, simpler, and practical learning experience.
  • Grab’s learner attention and motivate them.
  • Enhances their knowledge by adding real-life scenarios.
  • Reduces cognitive overload and maximize understanding capacities.
  • Easy, convenient, quicker, yet cost-effective learning approach.
  • Increases learner engagement and participation.
  • Videos add life to concept making it engaging, effective, and attractive.
  • Bite-sized and self-paced learning.

Well, nothing can be more convenient than video-based learning. Now, let’s have a look at the top 4 latest trends that have made video-learning the highest priority in every corporate sector.

Top 4 latest trends of video-based learning-

Whether it is about learner engagement, dynamism, or business productivity, video-based learning proves to be all-rounder either from learners or business perspectives.

1. Micro-Learning and Instructional video nuggets

Can Youtube model of learning distract learners even if they deliver complex learning modules?

No, because Youtube is a blend of micro-learning where excitement, engagement, short yet effective learning is a common factor. Inspiring by Youtube model, instructional designers have gained huge significance in designing and developing such type of videos that not only grab learner’s attention, even enhances their knowledge to a tremendous extent.

This is the best solution to deliver overload information in just-in-time to reinforce learning efficiencies conveniently.

2. Interactive learner experiences

To engross learner of any level, relevancy is quite essential in respective eLearning programs, which is a positive point for that course as well. If the learner is adult with previous knowledge and fixed goals, then e-course should be conveniently digestible as per their needs. Plus, make sure to keep videos as interactive as possible such as fun-based learning, assessments, annotations, etc., to add value to the course, to track learner progress, and to direct them if they go wrong.

This is the perfect solution to engage even adult learners with the course, therefore improves learner experiences without any hassle.

3. User-generated content

No doubt, eLearning videos itself is a collection of excitement with outstanding interactivities, bite-sized, chunk content with little fun to make learner completely engaged with the e-course.

But now, video-based learning comes up with the latest trend i.e., user-generated content where content created by a user for training videos is considered highly effectual, affordable, and gained huge popularity.

For instance, make sure to add social features including comments, voting, etc., to make it more interactive and engaging.

4. Interactive videos on mobile innovation

Thanks to HTML5, which has made a great effort in creating interactive, learner-centric videos on mobile devices by struggling with various technological hassles. However, the HTML5 package plays a vital role in designing (Interactive presentations, effective content, engaging videos), and developing (across multiple devices) to provide extraordinary learning and training solutions.

Lastly, Combination of above trends and accessible across multiple devices has made eLearning highest priority than else and also helps to:

  • Create increased learner engagement.
  • Motivate learners
  • Learn at their own pace
  • Create ease in the learning process

Final Thoughts

Learner engagement and satisfaction is quite challenging, yet this is what can increase business productivity and reputation. Increased engagement is directly related to the interactive nature of eLearning or e-Training, which our talented team at Swift has always contemplated to meet our customer needs.

I tried to cover as much as I could but if you still have a question in your mind, feel free to give us a shout via comment.

Do share this 4 latest trends of video-based learning blog with others who wanted to start eLearning.


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