Benefits of Using Blend of Micro-learning and Mobile-learning to Boost eLearning Courses

In today’s business scenario, effective eLearning courses bring effective results in terms of ROI by leveraging the latest technologies and adopting new strategies to create long term assets. However, businesses are striving tremendously to stay ahead of the growth curve in this competitive market.

As eLearning has become a common area for eLearning professionals, there are higher competitions among the e-courses to offer customized learning needs of diverse audiences from different business sectors and this is what has made online learning easiest, quickest, and fastest mode of learning.

Micro-learning proves best in presenting innovative content, short nuggets, small quizzes, which has made it a favored option among training managers and eLearning developers. In addition, facilitating learning even on the go at one’s own pace adds outstanding value to the course. Therefore, the blend of micro and mobile-learning improves overall learning efficiencies and enhances organizational productivity.

This article addresses learner’s problems by offering flexibility in learning and in simplifying eLearning designer’s task. In this article, you can see:

  • What is micro-learning and the key benefits?
  • What is mobile-learning and the key benefits?
  • Blend of micro-learning and mobile-learning to improve overall learning uptake.

What is micro-learning and the benefits of using it in an organization?

Micro-learning, the name itself suggest short, innovative, and bite-sized learning to comprehend complex learning modules into simpler and effective ones. Micro-learning is not new to eLearning industry, but the thing is to focus on the benefits that it gives to learners and also to the organization.

In learning, less is always more. This strategy gives innovative learning by chunking elements of content into one coherent picture to streamline even the complex learning processes. Moreover, micro-learning offers learner-centric courses that is available on multiple devices, so that course can be easily accessible anywhere and anytime.

Benefits of using micro-learning are

  • From both learners and business perspectives, micro-learning offers plenty of benefits to make learning fun-based and effective. Let’s have a look,
  • The most obvious benefit is, it provides learner-centered courses to offer flexibility in the learning process. This type of courses empowers the learner to stay motivated and connected with the e-courses.
  • The specialty of micro-learning is, it is designed to support multiple devices (from desktop to mobile devices) to offer flexibility in learning at the point of their need with any device of their choice.
  • Saves time by delivering innovative learning with small nuggets, and precise content. Therefore, best used in formal training to enhance the learners learning process in less time.

What is mobile-learning and benefits of using it in an organization?

With the advent of mobile learning, the learning environment has gained huge importance either from learner’s perspectives or from educational sectors. Mobile-learning allows the learner to access learning modules anywhere, anytime, and with any mobile devices to streamline learning efficiencies.

Mobile-learning is the easiest way of learning that caters complex learning modules into simpler ones by offering videos, audios, interaction, virtual reality, gamified learning apps to the learning modules. Though mobile devices have dominated our lives, it even improves education in a dramatic way. Therefore, mobile-learning offers enormous benefits to the learners and also to the designers, let’s sneak peek-

Benefits of mobile-learning are:

  • The most obvious benefit is mobile-learning offers flexibility in the learning process that is not limited to a particular place or time.
  • One of the significant benefits, mobile learning supports multi-devices that help the learner to access the same course on various devices, even on the go.
  • Mobile-friendly courses create engagement among user and the course. As interactivity increases, learner engagement also increases. These type of courses adds personalization making learner more attentive during the learning process.
  • Mobile-learning enhances knowledge retention and improves completion rates that offer immense flexibility and ease in the learning process.

Blend of Micro-learning and Mobile-learning to Improve Overall Learning Uptake

The benefits of micro and mobile learning are unpredictable, the blend of both learning modules in the course improves learner engagement, motivation, attention, enhance knowledge retention.

Micro-learning and mobile-learning together add value to the course which boosts employee performance and business productivity to a massive extent. Therefore, implementing both the learning modules in the course together improves overall learning uptake which streamlines even the complex learning modules today and in the future too.

To summarize, this article present super benefits of blend using of learning techniques to offer flexibility and convenience in the learning process and also to create ease in the learning process. Hope, this article was useful in presenting quality mobile-learning programs in various dramatic ways. To sneak peek have a look on Swift mobile-friendly courses to solve user queries effectively.


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