eLearning Translation and Localization Services

Here is a comprehensive list of companies that do a lot more than eLearning Translation and Localization Services. They are committed to ensuring that the educational materials achieve their goals. They also ensure that the translations maintain their learning potential by considering the content of your lesson, your chosen medium, and your target audience.

eLearning translation and localization services providers work for a variety of text formats and styles from a variety of genres. Their procedures are often tailored to the needs of the customer and the aim of the translation.

We’re all familiar with eLearning software like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Rise, and others. These methods are quickly integrated into our workflow to save you time and increase productivity. Simply tell us what you need localized, and we’ll take care of the rest.

eLearning Translation and Localization Services

IKHYA partners create multilingual for the following eLearning content:

  • XML-based training content
  • Certification and assessment programs
  • Classroom-based instructional material
  • PPT and multimedia presentations
  • Audio scripts and voiceovers
  • Training and certification programs
  • New employee orientations
  • Training modules and websites

eLearning Translation and Localization Services Process

These companies develop a personalized process for current projects. Both translation services are completed in the target country language’s to ensure that the most recent cultural changes and variations are taken into account.

  • Pre-recording localization: Localize elearning content and course script and send it for review to the client.
  • Recording: Review the pronunciation rules and document the course narrative in a competent manner.
  • Synchronization: Both on-screen interactions synchronized with the voiceover in the target language.
  • Publication: Publish course for quality assurance.
  • Validation: Validate the localized course, which should include knowledge checks, evaluations, and quizzes.
  • Final Publication: Finalize the course and publish it according to the client’s preferences.

eLearning Translation Services Include

  • Storyline Translation: We’ll partner with you to assure that the multilingual training you provide is of the highest standard and reliable, regardless of the languages spoken by your target audience.
  • Captivate Translation: We deliver turnkey Adobe Captivate translation services that allow you to localize your content into the most commonly spoken languages on the globe.
  • Subtitle Translation: Our professional video subtitling services will assist you in reaching your intended audience. Localization of e-learning content will help you succeed in international markets.

eLearning Localization Workflow

What Is eLearning Localization? How it is different from Translation? While translation is the act of offering an online learning course in another language, localization refers to adapting the course to the intended population and its cultural background.

Technical Assessment

An in-depth analysis of the class content is conducted to determine its design, structure, and layout. It also identifies the kinds of multimedia elements such as navigation buttons, documents such as file formats, writing tools, and the LMS.

Planning & Scheduling

The best team of linguists, as well as language leaders, is chosen and an online meeting is scheduled with the client or reviewer for the client to learn about the client’s style preferences. Audio guides, style guides, and glossaries of technical words are created and then finalized.

eLearning Translation and Localization Services (TEP + LQA)

The translation and proofreading of content is performed by the approved team as well as Language Quality Assurance (LQA) when the client doesn’t have internal reviewers. The files are then sent to the client to be approved prior to proceeding to localization for multimedia.

Multimedia Localization

The voiceover transcripts are edited for approval by voiceover/dubbing artists. The subtitle (.srt) file formats are then revised following the finalized scripts. The visual elements including images, videos, graphic,s and text on the screen will be formatted and localized through graphic design and DTP experts while keeping in mind the specific cultural preferences of the intended audience.

Integration & Synchronization

The translated content including audio files for voiceover graphics files, animations as well as localized mp4 video files is all synched using the authoring tool to create an entirely localized file for every language.

The Functional Test and In-context Review

A native linguist is working through the final course as a student on different browsers and devices to test its accuracy in linguistics and functionality and ensure that all text that requires translation has been recorded and that audio and/or subtitles are properly synced.

Localization Solutions for Types of Custom eLearning Courses

  • Compliance courses
  • Gamification based courses
  • Rapid eLearning courses
  • Story or Scenario based courses
  • Branching Simulations based courses
  • Blended eLearning courses
  • Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses
  • Mobile Learning courses

eLearning Translation and Localization Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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